Wax body parts that is…

While walking down an abandoned row of houses, Urban Explorer and Photographer A.D was up for an adventure. In the distance,  he saw a door to an abandoned house that was partially opened and he decided to peak inside, and what he saw before his eyes was the unimaginable.


He was instantly startled by a standing, ghost-like figure with chains around it’s wrists that stood in the middle of the basement staring at him and his friend! After the initial shock passed, He entered the house and was even more spooked out by the number of mannequins parts lying around the floor surrounding the white paper masche, who turned out to be a model of Harriet Tubman


He decided to go upstairs and look around, and to his amazement, he saw plenty of rooms full of mannequin parts stacked on top of one another, torsos of different historical figures, old posters, clothes that he assumed were used to dress the wax figures. The more he explored, the more interesting things he found, like a small doll that seemed to just watch us from a doorway as we went up a 4 story spiral staircase. Each room was filled with artifacts and furniture from the 50s and 60s.


Before he left the abandoned building, he noticed a closed door in the basement behind the Harriet Tubman figure, and decided to take his flashlights and explore into the dark abyss that lurked in the basement. There were more mannequin parts all along the ground as well old equipment. When he came around the corner, he froze in shock at the sight of an old coffin in the corner of this dark basement! He reluctantly opened the coffin to make sure there was no actual body inside and to his relief, it was empty! He and his friend quickly took photos of the coffin and left only taking photos with them, and abiding by the code of, “Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints.”


This find was not only freakish, but it was also rewarding to open a time capsule that people have forgotten about.

A little bit about the man behind the lens:

He is an Urban Explorer who loves to take photos of abandoned buildings in his spare time. His goal as a photographer is for the viewer to experience what he experienced when he’s out in these sites. For them to feel the darkness, the loneliness, and the excitement of discovering something that has been forgotten.

I don’t know about you but coming across this abandoned building would definitely be a THRILL.



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All photos taken by A.D: