Dubai may be one of the fastest growing cities today. For the past forty years, Dubai has changed so much in terms of economy. However, what makes Dubai special compared to other countries is its audacious architecture that will surely lure photographers across the globe. Dubai has pushed the boundaries when it comes to architectural design and engineering. The builders didn’t just build a world-class structure, but a work of art that will put Dubai at the top of the list of the most beautiful cities in the world!

Here’s a glimpse of Dubai’s jaw-dropping beauty:

1. The Burj Khalifa is the tallest structure in the world at 828m to 830m to the tip. Upon arriving at Dubai, this structure will be the first one to greet you! It’s also the best way to witness a bird’s eye view of Dubai at its observation deck at the 148th floor where the SKY level is at 555m.

Photos from jmjfphoto

Photos from jmjfphoto

2. Burj Al Arab is probably the most popular hotel, holding the title as the first seven-star Hotel in world! It resembles a snail shape design that has an exoskeleton to withstand strong winds coming from the ocean! By the way, the “cheapest” room in this hotel will cost you 1500-2000 USD per night!

3. The Palm Jameirah may be the pride of Dubai since it can be seen even from outer space. It’s a palm tree shaped artificial island filled with glitzy hotels and splendid apartments. A must-do activity when in Dubai is to go sky diving above the Palm Jameirah!

4. Dubai Mall. Never ever miss to visit the largest shopping mall in the world—The Dubai Mall! This mall is filled with surprises, but one thing that makes it very fascinating is the Dubai Aquarium that houses the world’s largest acrylic panel!

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5. The Sahara Desert adventure tour is something you must experience. Now you may think that being stuck in the middle of the desert may not be the best idea, but Dubai offers desert tours for tourists who want to experience some real off-road adventure the Dubai way! And not just that; the tour culminates with an authentic middle eastern buffet right in the middle of the desert!