There’s nothing like spending time outdoors to reset from all the noise of the city. If you have a pooch at home he or she would probably appreciate getting out of the house with you. But, before you spend a few days camping you should be sure to check with the regulations of the campsite you’re going to as well as the weather conditions. This will give you a good idea of the terrain and what you need to pack for the both of you.

Here are a few general items you can pack for your pooch.


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Dog Booties

Yes, they do look ridiculous and your dog will probably not like them. But they will keep his or her feet from getting too injured if the terrain is rocky. This will also keep fido’s endurance up so you two can make the most of your trip.



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Dog Brush

This may seem like an item that would just take up space. The reason this should be thrown in the hiking pack is so you can brush your dog occasionally during the hike. It helps brush out any ticks that may have been picked up or anything else that got stuck to your pet’s fur. A men’s plain, black comb works just as well…and takes up less room.

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LED Collar Light

Sometimes you may have to trek through the darker hours of the day. You may even need to walk your pup around the campsite to use the bathroom during those times. A clamp-on LED helps you keep an eye on your dog without taking up any room in anyone’s hiking pack. It can also be used as a back-up light.




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Hiking Pack

There’s no need to carry around your pet’s supplies on a hike. Thanks to these convenient pet packs he can carry his own food and treats. This leaves room in your pack to carry the necessities for the both of you. It’s a good idea to build up your dog’s endurance little by little by loading up the pack with gradual amounts of weight while on your daily walks.


(Image Source: Amazon | Sea to Summit X Bowl, Blue: Camping Bowls: Sports and Outdoors – $17.99)

Collapsible Bowl

This is probably one of the best inventions around. It takes up almost zero room and it would fit perfectly into or clipped onto your pet’s pack. Not only is it convenient–it is a necessity. Streams aren’t the cleanest so you need something for your pet to drink out of. Your cupped hands work but not if you’re trying to hydrate yourself.


(Image Source: Amazon | Canine Friendly Pet First Aid Kit – $44.79)

Pet First Aid Kit

First Aid is an importance for everyone. Especially when you’re away from a populated area. Bringing a First Aid kit is only a smart choice to protect you and your company from whatever the trail throws your way.


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Pet Jacket

Depending on the time of year you decide to take a trip, you may have to bring a jacket or sweater for your pup. This also depends on the length of your dog’s coat. Even a light shirt could be great for the warmer seasons if it is soaked in water then put back on.


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Two-Person Tent

Who want’s their dog to sleep outside of the tent? I know I wouldn’t. Letting your dog sleep in the tent with you keeps her out of the elements and away from other critters. You’ll also know quickly if your hiking pal becomes alert for one reason or another. Plus, you get to wake up in the morning with a view like the one above.


(Image Source: max&zoey | Nylon Hands-Free Double Dog Leash – $45.00)

Hands-Free Leash

Ah, yes. Both hands are free to hold on to your hiking staffs or whatever else you want. All while not worrying about your pups wandering too close to that nearby bluff. Make sure your dog is great on a leash before strapping this around your waist and being dragged down the path.


Josh is a freelance writer based in Nashville, Tennessee.

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