There is nothing like a good road-trip. If you have an ample amount of time you can stop off at attractions for as long as you wish. Or, you can even get the real feel of a road-trip and sleep almost upright in the front seat of your vehicle. Here are some great places to check out whatever your reasons may be for hitting the road.



Guoliang Tunnel Road

Ever want to drive through a mountain but not feel like you’re in a tunnel? Well, since the village of Guoliang, China, was difficult to get to and needed a way to connect it to the rest of society. So, in 1972 a group of villagers carved a road and tunnel into the side of the mountain. Since its opening in 1977, it has become a tourist attraction.




Blue Ridge Parkway

This 469mi. parkway runs through Virgina and North Carolina along the Blue Ridge mountain chain. The Blue Ridge is a part of the Appalachian Mountains and is America’s longest linear park. The parkway is known for its beautiful scenery and numerous overlooks.


Grossglockner High Alpine Road

If you’re looking for a windy road then Austria’s Grossglockner High Alpine Road is for you. Not only does it have hair-pin turns but it also boasts as being the highest surfaced mountain pass road in Austria. There is no lack of mountain views or snowy scenery. But, better get in while you can since the road is usually only open half of the year (May-end of October).


Atlas Mountain Road

Another twisting and turning road runs through Morocco. Because of all of the sharp turns, the 117mi. road can take hours to complete. It is all worth it to see the martian-esque landscapes of the Tizi-n’Tichka Pass.


Icefields Parkway

This road was named after one of its features, the Colombia Icefield. The Icefields Parkway runs 140mi. through Alberta, Canada. The parkway runs parallel to the Continental Divide and traverses the Canadian Rockies. Campgrounds run the length of the 140 miles and offer firewood and water.

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Trans-Andean Highway

Yes, that is the road leading to the summit. The Trans-Andean Highway is the first highway to connect the Andean states of Venezuela. It was also important to the military to deal with rebellions which affected the area.


Milford Road/Highway 94

Milford Road is one of New Zealand’s most scene road. Landmarks such as the Mirror Lakes, the Avenue of Disappearing Mountain, or Lake Gunn can be seen from this iconic highway. It started in 1925 when a local Station Owner began making his own road from Te Anau Downs Harbour south to the Te Anau Hotel.


Route 66

Route 66 is one of the most iconic highways in the United States. It is one of the first highways in America and served as a major migration route for those heading west during the Dust Bowl of the 1930s. It runs through eight states beginning in Calfornia and ending in Illinois. The states in between are Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Missouri.



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