When we think of treehouses we think of children and perhaps our own childhood. When we were young we never thought that when we got older it would be just as cool to live and play in a treehouse. But, as you can see there are plenty of reasons to experience that freedom of childhood imagination as an adult. In fact, most of the inspiration the architects had for some of these designs were based on their childhood dreams of what they wanted their treehouse to look like. Here you’ll find those childhood dreams coming true for our adult selves.


1. The Mirrorcube

There is only one¬†reason to stay in a 13x13x13 ft.¬†box and that reason is because that box is made of reflective glass. It’s design helps the dwelling blend in with its surroundings by reflecting them. A tree runs right through the middle of it and the six windows give you a panoramic view. And, don’t worry, birds are less likely to run into the Mirrorcube because of its infrared film.

mirrorcube(Photo Source: Treehotel | The Mirrorcube)



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