Sure, you can make a safe bet and book a comfortable hotel. But, what is an adventure if you don’t get yourself into something interesting?  Here are some strange hostels that just may entice you to give the adventurer in you a jolt.


(Bayrams Tree Houses!)

Bayrams Tree Houses, Turkey

There is something about tree houses that we just can’t seem to avoid. Whether it be from our childhood or adult adventures, they are still pretty great. They will provide the mattress, sheet and pillow. You just need to provide yourself and the will to make a short 6ft. climb to your room. The houses are within walking distance of the National Park of Olympos and Olympos beach.

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Jumbo Stay Hostel, Sweden

I have trouble sleeping on planes. But, I probably wouldn’t have much trouble sleeping on this stationary aircraft in Stockholm. Rooms have flat-screen TVs and WIFI. The best part about the jet/hostel is that it is within walking distance to the Stockholm Arlanda airport terminals. Talk about ironic convenience.


(HostelWorld | Traveller’s Cave Pension in Goreme, Turkey)

Traveller’s Cave Pension, Turkey

…Or you can stay in a cave-turned-hostel. The underground rooms of the Traveller’s Cave Pension offer a break from the humidity and heat of Turkey. There is plenty of scenery surrounding the hostel to get out and explore.


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Zhangzhou Wei Qun Lou Inn, China

The circular architecture of this places was created as a symbol of the wisdom of the Hakka people. They came to this region from China’s central plains. It has World Heritage status and the design of the decks is so those staying can get a full view of their surroundings.


(flickr/Michael Fraley)

Point Montara Lighthouse Hostel, USA

With San Francisco only 25 miles away, there is nothing to lose. The lighthouse is still working and guiding ships across the sea. The hostel is eco-friendly and dedicated to preserving the wildlife in the area. You  may catch gray whales migrating or elephant seals sunbathing. Or, you can be proactive and hit up one of the many available outdoor activities.



Boat Hostel Barka Basia, Poland

This is a boat. It is also a hostel. It is a hostel-boat on the River Vistula bank. The boat has private or shared rooms in the cabin. If you’re looking to find a less cramped area then climbing up to the roof to admire the river is the place for you.

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Anak Ranch of Mongolia, Mongolia

Okay, so this isn’t exactly a hostel but it can be as uncomfortable as some. You get to set up for the night or nights in a yurt. And, if that isn’t enough the people of Mongolia throw in an extra. That extra is a ride on a horse, which is included with your price.


(flickr/Brian L Burke)

Ottawa Jail Hostel, Ottawa

Here’s a great way to spend a night and jail and not have a weird story about how you ended up there. The building operated as a prison for over 100 years and is said to be haunted. If you tour the top floor you’ll be able to walk to stairs and halls of the jail’s death-row.



Carbisdale Castle, Scotland

The Carbisdale Castle was built for the Dowager Duchess of Sutherland and others like her. Now, the castle is known for its art and sculpture collections and surrounding woodland walks and bike trails. Apparently, the place is haunted. So, be sure to stay up late and snoop around with alert eyes and ears. Maybe you’ll see the Duchess herself.


(Safari Now)

Santos Express Train Lodge, South Africa

As we’ve covered before, train travel can be a great travel alternative. So, why not cozy up next to the Indian Ocean and enjoy what Santos beach has to offer. The train is parked at South Africa’s famous Garden Route. During the season you can see whales and dolphins breaching right from your window. If you’re not there during season then you can head to a nearby bar. It’s bound to be a good time either way.

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