If you are lucky enough to have a dog then you understand wanting to take him or her everywhere with you. Being able to do more things with you dog is important since most of our days are spent working and/or commuting to and from work. Luckily, the United States has a great number of cities who are dog-friendly…and the ones who aren’t are becoming more so these days.


Austin, TX

The weather in Texas is great for year ’round outdoor activities. There are 11 dog parks in the city and hosts many pet celebrations such as the Austin Dog Fair and the Easter Pet Parade and Costume Contest. A food truck named Bow-Wow Bones is especially for dogs. To cool down, take fido to Red Bull Isle; a popular dog-only swimming spot.


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Charleston, SC

Charleston is known as the “Southeast’s Best City for Dogs” by Dog Fancy. That is thanks to events like Yappy Hour at the park which make it such a dog-friendly place. Charleston’s history and beaches are all accessible to your pooch.



Boulder, CO

Colorado is known for its plethora of outdoor activities. There are miles of hiking trails surrounding Boulder in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Most restaurants and bars allow dogs on their patios so your pooch can enjoy mountain water while you enjoy a beer.



Chicago, IL

When you say “Chicago Dog” some may picture a delicious, filling meal you can buy from a vendor’s cart. But, the city has a lot to offer to its four-legged residents. While rover isn’t allowed at the opera, he or she is welcome to an annual White Sox Dog Day where your pooch is allowed in the stadium. Or, if you’d like, fido could take a dip in Lake Michigan at Montrose Dog Beach.



Omaha, NE

This midwestern city is coming around to dog-friendliness. Because of its growth, Omaha has built a several dog parks to accommodate the resident’s pets. There is also a canine carnival and an upscale women’s boutique with a dog-friendly policy.


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Portland, OR

With 33 dog parks, Portland has the largest amount per capita in the country. Portland is one of the few cities outside of France who allows dogs inside of pubs. Like Colorado, there are many outdoor activities where fido can join you. Many restaurants offer a dog menu just in case your only date is your pooch.

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San Diego, CA

Does your pup have surfing skills? Are you unsure and would like to find out? Well, in San Diego you can do just that. There are many dog-friendly patios and over 16 dog parks. San Diego has a strong pet advocacy community and are looking to ban the sale of dogs bred in breeding facilities.



San Francisco, CA

San Francisco has the third largest amount of dog parks in the US. Dogs are even allowed on trolley cars and area ferries. When you’re in the city with your dog be sure to swing by The Stray Bar–they give out free popcorn. Or, join one of the more than 50 dog meet-ups in.


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Seattle, WA

Hopefully your dog enjoys dreary, drizzly days. If he or she doesn’t, then there is always an indoor dog park. Dogs are welcome on Seattle’s bus lines, ferries, light rail, and even local seaplanes. They’re even welcome to join you at most workplaces and human/dog tandem fitness classes.


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Nashville, TN

I’m a little biased since I live in Music City. Regardless, Nashville is coming around to being one of the top dog-friendly cities in the country. Centennial Park is the home to many music and art events. And, those events allow dogs to wander around and listen with you. Many restaurants allow dogs on their patio and the city and surrounding area has a decent number of dog parks.


Josh is a freelance writer based in Nashville, Tennessee.


  1. Omaha NE is also home to the States First and Only Total End of Life Care Center for Pets;Paws To Angels dedicated to pets & their families with Love Respect & Dignity.

  2. Not sure how Omaha, NE landed on this list. I would not consider it dog friendly. In fact after an article appeared in the Omaha World Herald about dog friendly businesses, the health department stepped in causing a business to have to change their ‘dog friendly’ rule. Other restaurants that allowed dogs on outdoor patios no longer do.

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