There is something majestic about waterfalls. It may be the mist that is caused by the fall or even the powerful sound they make. Whatever it may be is awe-inspiring as we watch our wonder tumble over the edge with the seemingly endless supply of water. The beauty of these natural wonders is tough to pack into a list. So, here are 10 of the Most Amazing Waterfalls In The World.



Gullfoss (Golden Falls) in Iceland

In Iceland is a modest waterfall- compared to others- where the river seemingly disappears into a crevice in the Earth. The Gullfoss was once in discussions to be a source of water energy. The project fell through and Iceland bought the land and protected the fall. It is Iceland’s major tourist attraction even if it is only a 105 feet fall into the crevice.


Nohkalikai Falls in India

The name of the Nohkalikai Falls came from the Khasi language meaning “Jump of Ka Likai”. The legend says that a woman went mad with grief and anger. As she was running and swinging a hatchet she ran over the edge of the cliff and plunged 1115 feet to the pool at the bottom of the falls. Thus, being named after her.


Langfoss Falls in Norway

Imagine driving down the highway when you come across one of Europe’s tallest waterfall. It falls near the European route E134 making it easily accessible. Some dispute its ‘waterfall’ status as it is not a freefall. Whether it is or not doesn’t make it any less impressive.

Alamere Falls
(Flickr/Franco Folini)

Alamere Falls in California

Alamere Falls isn’t known for its height. The longest drop is only 40 feet. What makes this waterfall, or ‘tidefall’, interesting is that it falls directly into the Pacific Ocean. So, not only do you get to enjoy the sounds of the waves crashing on shore, but you also get to enjoy the smashing of water into those waves.


Sutherland Falls in New Zealand

Sutherland Falls was long believed to be the tallest in New Zealand at 1,904 feet. But, Browne Falls took over that title. Regardless, Sutherland is still one of the tallest waterfalls in the world. It falls in three cascades with the longest being the middle cascade.


Yosemite Falls in USA

Much like the Sutherland Falls, Yosemite Falls consists of three cascades: Upper Yosemite Falls is 1,430 feet, the Middle Cascades, which consist of five smaller collective falls, is 675 feet, and the Lower Yosemite Falls is 320 feet. In total Yosemite Falls is 2,425 feet making it the tallest in North America. It is fed by melting snow so the stream fluctuates depending on the amount of snowfall.

(World Waterfall Database)

Tugela Falls in South Africa

There is some debate about whether Tugela Falls is the first or second tallest waterfall in the world. The height controversy between Tugela and Angel Falls (Venezuela) claims that the former is the tallest in the world at 3,110 feet in five falls. Because Tugela Falls isn’t one consistent freefall like Angel Falls, it remains the second tallest.

(Flickr/Rod Waddington)

Iguazu Falls in Argentina

Iguazu Falls separates Argentina and Brazil while dividing the Iguazu river into upper and lower levels. It isn’t a very tall waterfall, but it does have 275 cascades along the impressive u-shaped “Devil’s Throat”. Half of the Iguazu River empties into “The Devil’s Throat”.

(Flickr/Derek Purdy)

Niagara Falls in USA/Canada

One of the most popular waterfalls in the world is Niagra Falls. It borders the United States and Canada. The Canadian section is the highest of the two at 173 feet. What makes Niagara isn’t its height, but its rate of flow. In its peak seasons the waterfalls’ volume is 225,000 cubic feet per second. It’s estimated that in 50,000 years that Lake Eerie will be undermined and the falls will no longer exist.

(Flickr/Erik Cleves Kristensen)

Angel Falls in Venezuela

Venezuela houses the world’s tallest waterfall: Angel Falls. At a height of 3,212 feet, it is the highest, uninterrupted waterfall. It is so tall that most of the water evaporates before it hits the bottom. Even though the trip to the falls is complicated, it is still Venezuela’s top tourist attraction.



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