Let’s face it traveling by air can be a hassle and we’re all looking for ways to make it a bit easier. Here you’ll find some clever DIY tricks and other hacks to make your life a little easier.

Snackle Box

(Image Source: Flickr: holiday.taxis)

Step 1: Buy clear, plastic tackle box. Step 2: Insert snacks. Step 3: Enjoy not-expensive airline food from your own Snackle Box. See what I did there?

Belt in the Shirt Collar Trick

(Image Source: The Express Tribune | Ready, set, pack!)

I was meeting my girlfriend’s parents for the first time so I packed one of my best button-ups. When I got to the hotel I pulled out the shirt and the collar looked like a squashed bug. If I had know to roll up a belt and put it in the neck area of the shirt my collar would have maintained its shape. Oh, her parents? I ended up wearing a black t-shirt…and they loved me (of course).

[For more ingenious suitcase packing hacks you can visit Tribune.com  ]

Bring A Hoodie

(Image Source: Conceptual Devices)

Even if you’re traveling to South Florida in the summer bring a hoodie with you. Those Florida storms could cause a flight delay. You’ll be glad you brought that seemingly unnecessary hoodie with you.

[Conceptual Devices has even more hoodie hacks available here:Conceptual Devices ]


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