Christmas is almost here and we all know someone who is a wanderer. Whether they be the type of person who likes the outdoors or exploring the concrete city jungles these gift ideas are sure to appeal to the traveler on your list.


I.Scratch Off Maps

scratchoffmap(Photo Source: Uncommon Goods | Scratch Map Deluxe | $31.95)

If you’re anything like me marking off things on a to-do list or places you’ve been is gratifying. There’s a sense of accomplishment when you rub out a great feat. A scratch off map gives the traveler on your list the opportunity to relive their adventures while reminding them that they’re getting the most of life.

II.Crumpled City Maps (fabric)

crumpledcitymap(Photo Source: Palomar | Crumpled City Maps | $14.86)

Things happen while traveling. And, the Crumpled City Map doesn’t get ruined when those things may happen. They’re 100% waterproof and lightweight. The more you crumple the maps the better they begin to look. These are great for the traveler who wants to disconnect from technology while they’re out exploring Tokyo or Amsterdam.

III. iPhone/Android Camera Lenses

cell-phone-lenses-fae3.0000001410301573(Photo Source: Photojojo | iPhone and Android Lens Series | $20-$30/each or $99 for all five)

When packing for a trip extra space should be used for necessities. And, unless the traveler on your list is a professional photographer a camera usually isn’t a necessity. Instead they can get great vacation photos on their phone. Photojojo makes a lens to cover any sort of personality and they won’t have to worry about making space for the extra weight of a camera.


Josh is a freelance writer based in Nashville, Tennessee.

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