13 Best Waterparks Of The World

Winter is coming to an end (finally!). That means it’s time to get back to those warm-weather activities that we’ve missed so much. Now that the cold is getting the boot it is time to start planning trips to places like water parks. Here are some water parks you should think about visiting once you thaw out.

World Waterpark | Canada

After a long day of shopping in the West Edmonton Mall you can cool off at World Waterpark. Because, it’s located inside the mall. That’s right, buy a swimsuit and jump right into the 30-acre indoor waterpark. There’s a looping slide, a sled slide and a bungee tower. Yanno, just in case shopping wasn’t enough.


Happy Magic | China

Happy Magic wasn’t always a waterpark. It was the¬†Water Cube used for the Beijing’s Olympic aquatic center. The summer games’ building now has slides looping through it and jellyfish decorating the ceilings.


Beach Park | Brazil

When you think of traveling 65mph, the highway is probably where your mind goes to. Well, at Beach Park, you can reach those highway speeds on the tallest waterslide in the world. The 135ft. tall slide hurls you towards the pool at speeds of your highway travel. There’s also a halfpipe tube slide.


Siam Park | Spain

Imagine a slide that zips you through underwater worlds of stingrays and sharks. And, a lazy river that travels under that underwater slide. At this Thai-themed waterpark in Spain, you can do just that. If you prefer to surf or learn how to, the wave pool makes surfable waves up to 10 feet tall.


Chimelong Paradise | China

Chimelong Paradise is more than just a waterpark. It is a fully loaded theme park. There is a water coaster, lazy river and shows for your entertainment. It is located just about two hours northwest of Hong Kong.


Tropical Islands | Germany

Inside the world’s largest free standing building lies a man-made tropical paradise. Tropical Islands Waterpark is built inside of an old airplane hangar which makes it the largest indoor waterpark in the world. That isn’t the end of this German waterpark’s achievements; it also houses the world’s largest indoor rainforest.


Blizzard Beach | United States

Snow? In Florida? At Blizzard Beach of Orlando, the melting-snow, ski resort themed waterpark is the closest to snow in Florida you’ll get. One of the world’s tallest waterslides is among the winter-ish wonderland which stands at 120 feet tall. It does have the world’s longest white-water rapids raft ride.


Aquatica | United States

SeaWorld figured that sea-life wasn’t enough at their parks. So, they added a water park to the mix. The dolphin plunge slide sends you underwater through the pools where they keep the mammals for as close a look as you can as you zip by. The entire park houses 3.3 million gallons of water which is kept at a temperature of 82 degrees.


Area 47 | Austria

Austria decided to utilize the water sources that nature made for their waterpark. Area 47 is located along a river near Innsbruck. There are five waterslides and a water catapult (pictured above) into an Alpine lake. If you want to work up a sweat before, there are rock climbing walls, zip lines and rope courses.


Schlitterbahn | United States

Everything is bigger in Texas and Schlitterbahn is a testament to that. The water park is 65 acres and has been named the world’s best water park for 10 years in a row by Amusement Business. A natural spring-fed river runs through the park. There are multiple Master Blaster water coasters and a stationary wave machine.


Aquaventure | Bahamas

This water park is located in the Atlantis Resort offering those staying there easy access. Get a rush in a tunnel slide that takes you through a shark-filled lagoon. The park boasts three Master Blaster water coasters and river rapids ride that is a mile long. The sister park in Dubai rivals the location in the Bahamas.


Wild Wadi | United Arab Emirates

We’ve seen parks boasting about their trios of Master Blaster water coasters. But, Wild Wadi has eight. And, that’s only the beginning. The park has a pair of stationary wave machines and a heated and cooled wave pool. Wild Wadi is home to one of the world’s tallest and fastest free-fall water slides. It stands at 108 feet and you can reach speeds up to 50 mph.


Yas Waterworld | United Arab Emirates

This Arabian themed water world pay homage to the region’s pearl diving heritage. Yas Waterworld was the first water park in the Middle East to be awarded with a green sustainability rating. The $245 million Abu Dhabi water park is home to the world’s first hydro-magnetic-powered water slide.


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