10 Best Small Towns In America

City life can be overwhelming and downright tiring at times. Heading out to a small country town can be just the thing to give you a break from the hustle and noise of a city. Country living is often laid back, quiet and friendly. These country towns can be great places to get away from the perpetual cluster that city living can become.

Alexandria, Minnesota

All things southern can be found in Alexandria. There are plenty of surrounding woodlands and parks for recreational activities…hunting specifically. Also, since Alexandria is surrounded by lakes, you can find a good majority of its population out casting their lines. Fishing is such a pass-time there that one shouldn’t be surprised if a “Closed” sign is in a local business’s window when the fishing is good.

West Plains, Missouri

This little town was an important foothold in the Civil War. Its proximity to the border of the Confederacy and the Union made this an area where a lot of fighting was seen. Nowadays, banjos and mandolins replace the sound of musket fire with West Plains’ annual Bluegrass Old Time Music Festival. Talk about county living.

Lima, Ohio

The infamous robber, John Dillinger, spent some time in Lima’s jail back in the 1930s. Upon his escape he killed a sheriff’s officer which made him even more wanted than he already was. Now, this small Ohio town is gaining back some of its economic sturdiness that the 1920s saw with Lima Locomotive Works, Inc.. Oh, and it is pronounced with the a long ‘i’ as in “lima beans”. Not a double ‘ee’ sound as in the capital of Peru.

Fredericksburg, Texas

How about a little German flare in a modestly sized southern town? That’s what Fredericksburg, Texas, has to offer. The downtown area of this Texas town has a good number of specialty shops, biergartens and a healthy amount of bed-and-breakfasts. In the summertime the peaches are as abundant as the German heritage. And, in the spring the countryside is covered in wildflowers.

Leiper’s Fork, Tennessee

This little Mayberry town even comes complete with the police car that resembles the one in the old Andy Griffith Show. The downtown area has only a few shoppes and a couple of restaurants. It is surrounded in farmlands and open spaces making it one of the quietest towns on the list. Leiper’s Fork sits just off of the Natchez Trace Parkway. Which is convenient if you enjoy drives on scenic federal highways.

Breaux Bridge, Louisiana

Mudbugs. Crayfish. The crawfish. That delicious crustacean that makes Cajun and Creole foods that much more delicious is found a-plenty in the waters off of Breaux Bridge. There is even a festival to pay tribute to that crustacean. Every year a Crawfish Queen is crowned at the Crawfish Festival. Oh, and there’s the music in Louisiana. That alone is enough for me to move there.

Middlesboro, Kentucky

Daniel Boone once walked through the outskirts of Middlesboro. In fact, he may have even set up camp somewhere in the area. Luckily he set up camp millions of years after the area took a blow from a meteor. Geologists say that the Kentucky town, which is wedged between the Pine Mountains and Cumberland Mountains, is built in the crater.

Mooresville, Alabama

Mooresville is the kind of place where everyone knows your name. With a population of just over 50, it is safe to say this nook in Alabama qualifies for country living. The entire town of 0.1 miles and six roads are on the Historical Registry of Historic Places. Presidents of times past have slept in the inns of this quiet town.

Senoia, Georgia

Senoia, Georgia, has gotten some public attention over the years. Films such as Fried Green Tomatoes and Footloose have been filmed here. If Senoia looks familiar it’s probably because you’ve seen it as something different. The Walking Dead transformed the town into the fictional town of Woodbury. Residents of the town were asked to not mow their lawns…and were happy to do so.

Beaufort, South Carolina

The roads in Beaufort are shadowed by oaks with moss hanging from them. Thus, offering picturesque scenes for any kind of event. The Beaufort river wraps around the more than 300 year old downtown district. It isn’t unusual to see cookouts throughout the neighborhoods. This is thanks to the freshness of the oysters, crabs and shrimp that come from the pristine river.

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