10 Best Island Cities In The World

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re in an office, your bedroom or a coffee shop. Luckily you stumbled across this article. Hopefully you’ll feel the sand between your toes and hear the waves crashing on the shore. These island cities are sure to take you far away from the hum or your computer or the clank of coffee mugs in the cafe.

Trogir, Croatia

The medieval streets of Trogir are where you want to be on a summer stroll. Grab a gelato and take an afternoon walk through the stunning nature this island city offers. Be prepared to downshift into an easygoing pace here. Be sure to check out the wonderfully preserved Adriatic fort.


Moçambique, Mozambique

This small island town has a lot of history. It was once the trade center and colonial capital of Portuguese East Africa. The cobbled streets of the 16th century are definitely a walk back where you will be gently tossed back in time.


Lübeck, Germany

Although it is no longer a medieval capital, Lübeck’s town center may persuade you otherwise. It is a well preserved piece of ancient German history. The city is surrounded by the River Trave. The steep coast of Brodten is a great place to get a panoramic view of this quaint German city.


Male, Maldives

The waters off the capital of Maldives is turquoise and as inviting as can be. The islander roots combine with forward thinking have evolved Male into a world-class city. Thanks to this, the population has doubled in 20 years. And, the laid-back attitude is sure to rake in more residents.


Key West, Florida

Florida’s most eccentric island just happens to the southernmost tip of the United States. Here, anything can happen and everyone is welcomed to be as free-spirited as they can be. Old mansions with massive palm trees and tin roof conch houses are the foundation to Key West. Live like Ernest Hemingway or Tennessee Williams.


Mexicaltitán, Mexico

This tiny Mexican island is also known as Mexico’s Venice. It is only accessible by boat during the rainy summer months. The houses all have tile roofs and a great sense of Mexican pride. It is said that it is from this island where the Aztecs left to settle Tenochitlán in the 11th century.


Tromsø, Norway

This Arctic Circle town is more than just its panoramic views of snow-capped fjords. Tromso is often called the “Paris of the North” because of the fashionable people living in the city. Views of the Northern Lights are within reasonable access and the city center is full of old wooden houses.


Lindau, Germany

A Bavarian lion statue greets you if you enter the city the way merchants once did; through the harbor. Lindau floats in the middle of Lake Constance. Aged gables reach high into the sky and the streets of centuries past are paved throughout the city.


Santa Cruz del Islote, Colombia

Forget Manhattan. It is said that Santa Cruz del Islote is the most densely populated island in the world. In just 2.5 acres, 1200 people share single-family homes. The island was actually built by fishermen in the 19th century so they could stay out and fish longer.


Florianópolis, Brazil

The Island of Magic is is home to a variety of demographics. Surfers and businessmen alike feel at home in this southern Brazilian city. There are 42 beaches and vast stretches of rich, bright green country side that seamlessly blend in with the sophistication of the city.


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